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Our Mission

Solaris Driving School will give you confidence to drive, you will learn defensive driving and become the best driver for a lifetime.
If you want to get prepared for the ICBC Road Test in Vancouver and Burnaby, this is the right place to start.

We are oriented towards
building and consolidate defensive and safe driving skills through high quality training.

We have prices for everyone
, we are flexible and focused to meet your expectations.


Solaris Driving School and its ICBC licensed, qualified, and experienced instructors will help you drive safely for your family, relatives and passengers, keeping the roads safe for everyone.

Beginner driving lessons

Structured 1 on 1 in-car driving lessons.

Refresh driving lessons

For drivers who already hold a driving license and need a refresh.

ICBC road test package

Contains one refresh lesson, one polish lesson, one warm-up lesson and ICBC Road Test.


3 Lessons starter pack
3 lessons of 60 minutes
$95 per lesson


from $360

Make your own special package according to your needs
4-15 lessons of 60 minutes
$90 per lesson for 4-9 lessons
$85 per lesson for 10-15 lessons



From zero to hero.
All you need to get your ICBC driving license
20 lessons of 60 minutes and free ICBC Road Test.
$80 per lesson + free ICBC Road Test

ICBC Test Package


Special package:
60 min refresh lesson
60 min polish lesson
60 min warm-up for Road Test
ICBC Road Test

COVID-19 Measures
COVID-19 Measures

Province-wide restrictions have lifted.
Stay alert and be informed from official sources!

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The Best Vancouver.
We help you experience the best of Vancouver.
Whether you’re a die-hard Vancouverite or you’ve just moved to the city, we’re here to tell you: we’ve got you covered.

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