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  • Dear friends, before you read our students testimonials, let me introduce myself and tell you my story. My name is Sorin and I am the owner of Solaris Vancouver Driving School.
  • From Top Gun to Top Driver - I learned to fly fighter jets before I learned to drive a car! At 20, I became a “Top Gun” pilot and enjoyed every minute of my time in the sky. Flying was my passion and my attention to detail, precision and excellence ensured that I had an impeccable safety record until the day I retired. I had the chance to fly everything in my pilot career: jets, helicopters and passengers aircraft. I bring the same commitment to quality and safety to my driving lessons and school.
  • A Great Teacher Makes All the Difference - I learned how to drive a car at 24 from a wonderful person and teacher who shared all of his driving secrets with me and his students. He was motivated to train excellent drivers because of a personal tragedy he suffered when his only child was hit while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk. He wanted to do all he could to make sure that every driver he trained would be excellent, safe drivers who would never do harm to themselves or to others for their whole driving life. His example inspired me to start my own driving school and pass on driving success secrets to others.
  • Solaris driven to make “Drivers for Life!”- Driving is not only a practical necessity, but it is also a source of great enjoyment and freedom. We all enjoy driving on the open roads and exploring this beautiful province. With my lessons, I make sure that you have the skills and information you need to drive confidently and safely wherever you want to go.
  • Solaris Vancouver Driving School will do its best to make you a “Driver for life!” in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and beyond.
  • Enroll today to become a successful driver tomorrow.
  • Driver for life!

Feedback from our students

Jihan J., Vancouver, BC   ★★★★★
Sorin is a great instructor - I reached out for Solaris school after failing the driving test. He provided guidance, valuable feedback, explained to me what should I focus on in the coming lessons. Sorin approach is pretty straight forward, I would definitely recommend the school for my friends, I managed to pass the test after 3 lessons.

Alexey K., New Westminster, BC   ★★★★★
I came to Canada with no driving experience and no license what so ever with my wife who by that time was an experienced driver already.
One and a half months fast forward and my wife gets a class 7 license, thanks to a set of driving lessons with Solaris Vancouver Driving School!
One year later my wife passed a class 5 license test immediately after a few driving lessons with Sorin.
The story doesn't end there. Less than a three months ago I get my first driving license in my life and the same thing -- Solaris Vancouver Driving School was a key part of this success. I am a pretty bad student who shuts down after 5 minutes of reading a driving theory book..
Looking forward to do it again in two years to get my class 5 license! 

Ivan M., North Vancouver, BC   ★★★★★
Coming from another country to Van and getting a driving license might be the worst experience ever. I failed my first test badly.
Then after some research I contacted Sorin from the Solaris Driving School. It was the best decision ever.
To start with, you need to have your own car to do the test but you can't rent one because ICBC takes your driving license away.
Solaris will not only let you use a brand new 2014 car but will also do a full review of your driving skills. Sorin is by far one of the best driving teachers I've met.
I felt really confident driving with him. 

Boaz S., Vancouver, BC   ★★★★★
Sorin is a fantastic teacher who helped me pass the road test on my first try. He's great at getting you comfortable behind the wheel and adapting each lesson to match your confidence and ability. Sorin thinks ahead and makes sure you gain experience driving in neighbourhoods you will tested on when completing the road test so that you get comfortable driving there and know what to expect. He's also just a really great guy to get to know with tons of interesting stories (ask him about his time as a fighter pilot in the air force), hobbies (if you like photography or electronics, he's your guy), and jokes about politics and life in general.
If you're tired of asking others to teach you how to drive, or just don't want to put-up with their antics, contact Sorin and he'll make sure you'll actually enjoy learning how to drive and will look forward to each lesson. 

Pedro C., Vancouver, BC   ★★★★★
Sorin is definitely the type of instructor I was looking for.
I moved to Vancouver from Europe about 5 years ago and I did not drive here since then. I had driving experience at home, but the rules of the road and driving procedures differ a little bit from where I come from. Plus, I did not drive a car since I get here so I sure needed to refresh.
With Sorin's supervision and instructions, I was able to recover my driving skills and get familiar with the local driving environment very quickly.
I felt safe, confident and with each lesson I learned something new or improved my mistakes.
Sorin's friendly personality and passion to help people how to drive safe and correctly made getting the BC driver's license feel like a great experience! 

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