Solaris Vancouver Driving School
ICBC Certified


General Conditions

In order to enrol into our School programs you must hold a valid ICBC Learner’s License, ICBC Driving License, or a valid International Driving License.
A family member can attend in the vehicle during the in-car driving lesson at no extra charge. Each second and third observing student driver accepted in the vehicle with your permission will be charged for $40.00/lesson.

All costs include: full dual controlled driving school car, gas, car insurance and student pick-up / drop-off from Broadway City Hall Skytrain station (parking lot behind the station).
The payment must be made in full at the beginning of each package or ICBC Road Test service.
Any refund is processed to the person who made the payment.


Package type
Package content Total cost Total time
Pack 1 3 Lessons $270.00 4.5 hours
Pack 2 5 Lessons $450.00 7.5 hours
Pack 3 10 Lessons $870.00 15 hours
Pack 4 15 Lessons $1,300.00 22.5 hours
Pack 5 20 Lessons + Road Test $1,700.00 30 hours
Refresh + Road Test Refresh + Warm-up +Test $240.00 -


- Each hour/lesson includes 5-10 minutes progress review
- Other options tailored to your needs available by request
- Medical exam, licensing and ICBC fees are not included

ICBC Road Test services only (Class L, Class N and Class 5 BC conversion)

We do not rent out our cars for ICBC Road Test only.
We have Refresh Lesson + Road Test package that include the use of our car for the ICBC Road Test.
This package is suitable for:
- experienced drivers from Canada or other countries wishing to obtain a Class 5 BC driver's license
- Class L / N drivers preparing for their ICBC Road Test after a break time
- Class 5 ICBC Road Test (regular or BC conversion)

The Refresh Lesson + Road Test package contains:
- 1 x 90 min refresh lesson - amount of $90
- 2 x 60 min warm-up and ICBC Road Test - amount of $150
- Total cost $240
- Taxes, medical exam, licensing and ICBC fees are not included.

Refund policy

No refund for driving sessions or driving road test sessions that have already taken place will be applied. If the student has prepaid for a driving packages and is not satisfied with the instructions received in his/hers first lesson, a refund for the unused lessons will be applied, but this first lesson will be considered as a single lesson for the amount of $90.00/lesson (PAC 2).
No refund will be applied if more than 50% of the lessons from the prepaid package that have already taken place.
Each package must be completed in a timeframe of 6 months. No refund will be received by the student after 6 months from the payment date, if he/she fails to re-schedule the lessons within this timeframe.

Notice of Cancellation, Re-Schedule, Withdrawal from lessons or ICBC Road Test

The notice must be given in writing (via email) to our School or driving instructor at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time in order to avoid the cancellation charge of 50% of the lesson or exam cost.
The cancellation of an ICBC Road Test appointment made by Solaris must be submitted in writing (via email) to our school 72 hours prior to the appointment time to avoid the penalty fee of $25 charged by ICBC. If the appointment and the cancellation have been done by the student, the School Cancellation Policy will be applied (24 hours written notice in advance with no charge).

Solaris Vancouver Driving School may reserve the right to claim against the student who causes an accident during the ICBC Road Test Exam.