Solaris Vancouver Driving School
ICBC Certified


Why should you choose a driving school instead of a coach ?

Using a family member or a friend as a coach it's very stressful for both parts. You, as a student, are stressed about mistakes and crashes and the coach is stressed because he/she cannot fully control the car with the "drive-by-voice" system. By using a family member or a friend as a coach, you will be 100% dependant on his/her free time and schedule.

Mostly importantly, the family car is not double controlled and not fully insured for driving training.

Using a ICBC licensed instructor you will have benefit of:

  • learning from a professionally trained and bonded instructor;

  • forming safe and responsible driving skills;

  • learning how to drive in a calm, friendly and safe atmosphere;

  • learning in your free time and on your own schedule;

  • eliminating and reducing stress because the car is fully double controlled;

  • using a driving school car that is fully insured for driver training.

If you are a high school student and successfully finish a Graduation License Program, you will receive 2 points credit for your high school graduation. In the meantime you can reduce your novice (N) license stage by 6 month if you take this course (GLP) while you are still in the learner's (L) stage, provided that you are violation free and you have no at-fault crashes. Read more about GLP

What will I learn with Solaris Vancouver Driving School ?

  • Pre-trip check

  • Pull over and stop

  • Steering and wheel control

  • Maintaining speed control

  • Intersection right and left turns

  • Getting confident with large intersections

  • Lane changing safely

  • Two and three points turns

  • Reversal stall parking

  • Parallel parking

  • Stall parking

  • Entering and exiting a highway

  • Hazard perception

  • Distributive attention

  • Manoeuvering to avoid head-on collisions

How do I get licensed ?

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How do I prepare for license road test ?

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Rules and Regulations:

Motor Vehicle Act
Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act

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