Solaris Vancouver Driving School
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If you are looking for:

  • a place where you will learn to drive in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere,

  • a place where you will learn not only how to drive but also how to drive safely,

  • a place where can refresh your driving knowledge and get updated on the newest safety road regulations,

Then Solaris Vancouver Driving School is the right place to reach your driving goals !

To help you make the right decision see Driving School vs Coach on our FAQ page.

At Solaris Vancouver Driving School you will get back your confidence to drive, you will learn defensive driving and become the best driver for a lifetime.

If you want to get prepared for the ICBC Road Test in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Solaris Vancouver Driving School is the right place to start.

Driving is a daily necessity and thus a big challenge for most of us because of the traffic, road and weather conditions, commuting distance, driving time, and the other drivers around us. Solaris Vancouver Driving School and its ICBC licensed, highly educated, qualified, and experienced instructors will help you surpass all these difficulties by driving safely and securely for your family, relatives and passengers, and helping to keep the roads safe for everyone.

Our driving school philosophy is oriented towards building defensive and safe driving skills through high quality training. We have prices for everyone; we are flexible and focused to meet your expectations.

Drving School Solaris - Vancouver BC, Toyota Corolla


Welcome aboard and enjoy driving a fully insured, Toyota Corolla with full double control.

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